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Diabetic Shoes

Whether you’re looking for a basic sneaker or an elegant dress shoe, we have the perfect pair of diabetic shoes to fit your unique style and personality.
Diabetic Shoes

How diabetes
affects your feet

Diabetes can significantly affect your feet in a number of ways. It can cause nerve damage, poor circulation, and loss of sensation that can lead to serious foot problems such as ulcers and infections.

Poor circulation is a common side effect of diabetes and it can lead to weakened immune systems and an inability to fight off infection. In addition, people with diabetes often experience numbness in their feet due to nerve damage caused by the disease.

This lack of feeling often leads diabetics to not realize they have injured their feet until they suffer from an infection or ulcer.

Diabetic Shoes

Diabetic shoes can help revent foot ulcers, which are common in diabetics due to poor circulation, lack of sensation and nerve damage.

Diabetic Socks

Diabetic socks are typically made from breathable, moisture-wicking fabric that helps keep feet dry and comfortable.

Diabetic Inserts

Diabetic inserts can provide additional arch support, cushioning and shock absorption which can reduce strain on the feet and lower legs.

Support Socks

The compression of the socks helps to improve circulation, reducing the risk of infection and decreasing recovery time from injuries.

Support Hose

The added pressure helps improve circulation, which can relieve pain caused by diabetic neuropathy.
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Diabetic Shoe Show & Tell

  • Diabetic Shoes

    Diabetic shoes provide extra protection and cushioning for those with diabetes.
  • Diabetic Socks

    Helps to prevent blisters, calluses and ulcers as well as reduce foot fatigue.
  • Diabetic Shoe Show & Tell

    Learn more about the benefits of wearing diabetic shoes and about the features of each diabetic shoe at our location or at-home appointment.